Design Team

I live down the Jersey shore with my husband, and am the mother of three grown daughters. I've been crafting most of my life and discovered scrapbooking and card making about 15 years ago. My other hobbies include genealogy, cooking and hoarding craft supplies. As the co-founder of Crafting By Designs, I've met some of the most talented people and continue to learn as I go along.

I am married to a wonderful man and am mom to three young adults, all are college students. From a very young age, crafts became my thing, that special moment where you are alone, with yourself, your thoughts and your dreams.Didn't study arts, instead became a Chemical Engineer. Love my work, but have to admit I enjoy more my time crafting. My beautiful family is very encouraging and is always telling me that I should continue with my love for crafts.Recently discovered paper crafts. Have to admit that I didn't imagine that this was going to become one of my favorite crafts. There's so much space for creating and so many possibilities, so many beautiful ideas and projects and best of all so many talented people willing to share their knowledge.

I live happily single in Cape Town, South Africa, the most beautiful city in the world. I work full time and am a part-time artist & crafter. My favourite hobby of all is reading and I read anything & everything. When I don’t read, I like to think up things to do/make or keeping myself busy doing/making it. I dabble in different crafts including cards, sewing, crochet, knitting and beading. My style in cards leans towards Clean and Simple, but I think Eclectic is the best description. Interesting folds intrigue me and I like to try new techniques at least once. A firm favourite of mine is making ATC’s and tags, where a small canvass can turn into tiny art. My cutting knife and tiny scissors are my favourite tools.

My love for paper began in the mid 90's when I was introduced to rubber stamping and embossing. Around 2003 I discovered scrapbooking and fell in love again. Cardmaking soon fell into place.
I like to refer to it as my Mental Therapy.

Hi my name is Carole and I live in the North East of England with my husband and best friend Michael. I have a son Martin and a beautiful daughter-in -law Fiona they live in Manchester. I have always enjoyed crafting especially sewing ,cross stitch and scrapbooking. When I retired 5 years ago I joined a great Craft Group and I’m now addicted to card making especially stamping. I do love to have a go at new crafty things as often as I can. I have made boxes, decorated candles and made stitched and beaded cards. I started my blog The Things I Love a year ago and I have really enjoyed becoming part of the great craft blog world. When I’m not crafting I am a school governor, enjoy travelling a lot and lunching with my lovely girlfriends. I am absolutely delighted to have been asked to become a designer for Crafting by Designs I really thought this was the sort of thing that happened to other people.

Hello,everyone! :) My name is Danijela. I'm surrounded with kids. I have 3 children at home - my three sons and 30 children in my classroom-  my students. I'm an elementary schoolteacher. That is my job. Perhaps that is the reason why I like to play. And I also consider life to be a game.
Hobby- that is an exhausting game that never makes me feel tired. I've recently launched my blog where you can see some of my artworks. I'm fond of making cards and I enjoy it. When I colour and cut or match the pieces, I also have a rest and recover my energy for a new game. :)
Best wishes from Serbia!

My name is Isobel , I live in Scotland with my husband, mother to 4 daughters and Nana to 10 grand children. I have loved crafting since my mum taught me to knit at age 4 , and have done all sorts 
and willing to try anything!

I live in Zagreb, Croatia with my husband and our 5 year old daughter. I have been crafting since 2008 and in love with card making, gift wrapping ever since. My other hobbies include books (graduated English and Italian literature), movies, TV shows, music,  eating Nutella and ice cream and loving polka dots ;) 

 Especially For You Cards

 I live in the sunny island of Malta, and have been living here all my life. .. and I love it :) I'm married to my lovely but workaholic husband, which is what drove me to start making cards.. to fill up my free time ie, not that I hadn't been crafting before, but previously it just didn't take so much of my time ha ha ... We have two grown up sons, a dog, I work full time in a Bank, I love running and taking part in races, reading, swimming and I also take care of our summer holiday home which we rent out to tourists for their holidays in Malta... yes yes I'm a very busy lady he he :) So if you'd like to check me out I have a link on my blog to our Summer Home :) 

CraftyGirl Cards and Crafts

 Hello, my name is CraftyGirl (not my given name lol).  I am originally from New Jersey but now live in Virginia Beach Virginia, with my loving husband for over 30 years.  We have two yorkies (Chewbacca and Princess Leia) and a huge Maine Coon cat (Goliath)  I think I was born crafting and come by it honestly since my Mom was the queen of crafts.  She taught me most of what she knew and all of what I know about life and crafts.  I love working with paper and trying new techniques.  My hobbies include and are never limited to: Card Making, origami, tea bag folding, beading, polymer clay, crocheting, ham radio, balloon animals and much more.  I am super excited to be one of the newest design team members and look forward to seeing all the lovely creations.  So let's get crafting!!!